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Rim and Tire Set - Front 14" Chrome Rim (1.40x14) with 2.50-14 Tire, Disc Brake - PBC3388F1

SKU: 40D4140CR

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This kit contains a 14 inch front chrome rim (1.40x14) and 14 inch aggressive ('knobby') front tire (2.50-14). Primarily (though not exclusively) used for 50cc, 70cc, 90cc, 110cc, 125cc, 140cc, 150cc and 155cc dirt bikes / pit bikes. This rim uses a brake disc/rotor. The diagonal bolt pattern for this tire (on the brake disc side) is 58.8mm from inside-hole to inside-hole and the side-by-side bolt diameter from inside-hole to inside-hole is 39.3mm Brake discs matching this rim profile can be found at our part numbers 90A2065 and 90A2070. Placement: Front

Braking System: Disc/Rotor

Rim Size: 1.40x14

Tire Size: 60/100-14 (2.50-14)

Axle Mount Hole: 12mm

Bolt Mount Across (center to center): 47mm

Bolt Mount Diagonal (center to center): 65mm

Associated Parts: 40D1140 Tire - 60/100-14 (2.50-14), 14 Inch, Dirt Bike

90A2070 Brake Rotor - 4 Bolt 190mm 50mm Brake Disc, 50cc to 300cc

90A2065 Brake Rotor - 4 Bolt 190mm 50mm Brake Disc, 50cc to 300cc

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