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Throttle Body - XY600UE, Chironex, CFMoto - 80A7005 - PBC1008F1

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Throttle Body ranged as "300cc to 600cc" applicable. Very similar to part #80A7000. Most commonly used for (but not limited to) Chironex Spartan 600cc UTVs (4x4/2x4 and similar variations), CF Moto 600cc ATVs and UTVs (4x4/2x4 and similar variations), Xinyang 600cc ATVs and UTVs (4x4/2x4 and similar variations) as well as other similar brands and machine types.

Common Chironex model name is primarily listed as "Chironex 600cc Spartan XUV or UTV", Common listed Chironex Spartan Throttle Body part number is 13610-6400.

Common Xinyang model names consist of variations of "XY500UE", and "XY600UE", as well as a range of less formal names such as "Xinyang 600cc UTV", "Xinyang 600cc XUV", "Xinyang 600cc ATV", "Xinyang 600cc 4x4/2x4" etc. Common listed Xinyang throttle body XY600UE part number is 13610-6400.

This throttle body is commonly used for but not limited to 500cc, 600cc and 625cc engines. It is most popularly known for its use in CF Moto CF500 (500cc), CF Moto CF600 (600cc) and CF Moto CF625 (625cc) as well as many other brands of ATVs, UTVs (side-by-side), SSVs, dirt bikes, scooters, go karts (buggies) and engines with profile names such as CF188-B, CF600-3 ZForce Z6, CF600-5 UForce U6, CF600-6 ZForce Z6-EX, CF Moto CF625-3 ZForce Z6, CF625-6 ZForce Z6-EX, CF625-C Terralander 625 X6, X6 Terralander 625 LongWB / ShortWB EFI, X5 Terralander 500 LongWB/ShortWB EFI, and X5 HO EPS Terralander 500 LongWB EFI.

Common CF Moto model names are predominantly “CF500”, "CF600", and "CF625". CF Moto throttle body part number is listed as 018B-173000 with description "THROTTLE BODY" and old part number CF188-B-173000 in their parts lists.

Manufacturer Part Numbers:

  • 13610-6400
  • 018B-173000
  • CF188-B-173000

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